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Custom Access Platforms for Access Solutions

Custom Access Ladder

Custom Access Platforms for Access Solutions

Not all access solutions need a high level of custom work. Some custom access ladders are a few simply changes to an existing design. Komatsu Brisbane requirement was a great example.

Customers Brief

When Komatsu called AliSafe they required a platform to reach a working area that they where currently using a standard ladder for. And, while their idea would have been very effective for the problem it was also very complicated. However, after AliSafe visited the site we realised there was a simple solution. One that would suit a number of access problems they had. So, the very complicated platform became a simple change to a custom access platform they all ready had on site.

AliSafe Makes light work of Custom Ladders

Now while were not saying all solutions are easy sometimes there is just a different approach as in the case with a komatsu access problem.

Komatsu had on site a Truck Access Platform that they were no longer using for the purpose intended a few years back. However, it had Step Tread access (required 3 points of contact). As the employees where carrying items up the stairs AliSafe suggested we change the access to stair access making it a safer and easier way for employees to fully utilise the aluminium platform. At less than half the cost of a new platform the customer had a platform that solved their access problem and saved money along the way. So, not all solutions to access need to be expensive, call AliSafe and find out the best way to solve your access issue.

Engineering Solution

As a sided note, AliSafe had the access platform fully engineered for the changes. AliSafe can do the same for you. If you have a custom access problem, give us a call and we can help you through the process for custom access platforms for access solutions.

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