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We have a variety of working platforms, including mobile work platforms & aluminium work platforms. Contact us to find our more - 1800 895 772!
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Work Platforms

Mobile Work and Aluminium Platforms That Fit Your Needs

Mobile working platforms are designed based on 2 main outcomes


1. To enable access to an area where you can work from within the handrails on the work platform. A full handrail around all sides of the working area.

2. To enable access to machinery, mezzanine floors or general work areas where a normal ladder is not sufficient. Ability for an open side on one or more sides of the platform area.


  • Aluminium Work Platforms – can be almost any height, width and length within the Australian Standards.
  • Access Angle – Either Stair Access or Step Tread (standard with steeper angle)
  • Working Deck – Either Checker plate or Grid Mesh
  • Mobility – All Work Platforms come standard with heavy duty Swivel Locking Castors.


AliSafe – industry leaders in the design and manufacture of work platforms.

CodeHeight (mm)Width (mm)Length (mm)Access AngleDeck Material
AS-MAP-600600700700Step TreadChecker Plate
AS-MAP-900900700700Step TreadChecker Plate
AS-MAP-12001200700700Step TreadChecker Plate
AS-MAP-15001500750900Step TreadChecker Plate
AS-MAP-18001800900900Step TreadChecker Plate
AS-MAP-21002100900900Step TreadChecker Plate
AS-MAP-24002400900900Step TreadChecker Plate
AS-MAP-2700270010001000Step TreadChecker Plate
AS-MAP-3000300010001000Step TreadChecker Plate

All Mobile access platforms now come standard with 4 swivel locking castors

Grid Mesh Deck
Stair Access and Tool Box

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Alisafe pride themselves on being industry leaders in providing work platforms Australia wide.