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Removable Welding Screens
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Manufacturing Industry Solutions

Manufacturing Industry Solutions

These particular Access Platforms were designed in consultation with our client to ensure they provided safe access for employees, was user friendly and to suit as many different excavators as possible. The platforms also included removable welding screens to increase safety.


The brief from the client was – it must be functional and user friendly, the client (and employees) were very impressed with the final product.

All handrails are removable and the entire platform is interchangeable to suit different size machines within the clients range. AliSafe designed fill in sections and corner pieces to suit the different machines.


From large solutions to smaller access solutions below shows a range of products AliSafe has designed in conjunction with our clients. Call now as see how we can help you too.


Call our friendly Safety Specialists to discuss your specific requirements on 1800 895 772

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Alisafe pride themselves on being industry leaders in providing work platforms Australia wide.