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Industry Solutions
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General Industry Solutions

General Industry Solutions

The images of platforms below with the two separate working heights were designed for a motor vehicle manufacturer to allow access to a special area within their design centre that only authorised people were allowed to see.


The client required two access heights and originally wanted two separate platforms. After discussions with the client, it was agreed that two platforms would take up to much space and the custom designed platform below was developed. It allows the customer to work at two separate heights without having to move platforms in and out of the work area. The top height simply hinges into place, the access ladder clips on and the return handrail slides in.

When using the lower lever, the access ladder and return rail simply lift out and are placed in a designated spot on the platform. The higher working deck also has a cantilever at the front edge to allow better access and increased safety.


The other three images below show a platform with removable handrails, a truck safety handrail and a standard Work Platform.


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